About Granite Britain

Forged in the industrial heart of Britain, Granite Britain’s strengths lie in providing the highest quality natural stone, processed with exemplary levels of workmanship, at prices that represent excellent value in products that last a lifetime.

Always aiming to stay one step ahead of ‘industry standard’, we embrace the best of new technologies and techniques in the manufacturing and installation of granite, marble, stone and man-made quartz surfaces. From investing in the most up to date plant and machinery available to us or new advances in diamond tooling for cutting, shaping and polishing. To the new adhesives and clamping systems we use to create very smooth almost invisible joints in worktops. See page on how we work.

We specialise in manufacturing granite worktops for your kitchen, we do not knock out the same old rectangles over and over again. We take time and pride in creating entirely bespoke granite worktops that will fit only your kitchen, not just the quickest and cheapest method of manufacture.

We deal directly with you the customer, there are no middle men, no telesales deprtments and no sub-contractors, just us from planning through to installation. All work is done ‘in house’, templating, manufacturing and installation and no one carries out work on our behalf.

We personally inspect every slab and block we use to create your granite or quartz worktop before production begins, and every manufactured piece is inspected, cleaned, dried and sealed before it leaves our factory.

All our materials are selected and purchased from the leading, most respected manufacturers and distibutors on mainland Europe and in the UK. We do not make any allusion to owning a quarry or slab manufacturing yard in india or china, an entire quarry of one colour would not be of great use when our suppliers have over a thousand granites and marbles to choose from, not to mention the many ranges of man-made quartz available to us.

We have no intention of serving the whole of the UK, the northwest is big enough. We want you to know who we are, where we are, how we work, and that we are here to help you with any query you have about choosing your granite worktop.